2016 Annual Meeting


  Bill Jarski is a master craftsman as you can see from the photos. He hand built the boat and the engine from scratch and Bill says the engine runs just fine. You can look at the chart to see some of the particulars. The boat was built sometime in the 1980's


2017 Polecat



 The Polecat this year was at a new venue just outside of Lancaster PA and it was a fantastic place to fly being a working sod farm in the lush rolling hills of eastern PA. The photos just can not do justice to size and feel of the soft grass that invited you fly barefoot.

There were 42 contestants that had two days of low wind and large parts of the day with overcast skys and then one day of nice white puffies and blue sky with 20+ mph winds, it got brutal at times on Sunday and there were a lot of land outs that killed the top scoring pilots.

Our club had a very good representation with 5 members making the trip but 3 of our old friends were there that were once MSL flyers also showed up. JT came from CA and of course Troy is now an east coast guy so it is in his back yard.

The smiling lady is Ruth Bates who travels with Ken to all the meets and is just a fantastic person and helped this old "Papa Smurf" all weekend carting stuff and making sure we all were well hydrated.

2017 Summer Club Contest

 ALES-1 and 3

  See the writeup on Yahoo Groups, great contest. We had 12 flyers and other than a couple of minutes of light rain a great day with light lift and challenging conditions Thanks to Jim for doing all the scoring and to all the flyers who helped setup and teardown, the club is really in groove right now.