Club Meetings:

We do not have regular club meetings as of September 2017 and have Executive Board meetings once a month. If anyone is interested in joing the meeting or has an item that needs to be put on the agenda, please contact one of the officers for instructions on attending. It is the policy of the club that anyone is invited and welcome to the Board Meetings.

We are planning on two open club meetings a year, one mid-summer and the other being the annual holiday party (normally the first week of December).

Location of the meetings will be announced on the club forum on Yahoo Groups but can be found by contacting one of the officers.

  Training and Practice:

During the summer on Wednesdays from May through October we have training and practice sessions at the Addison Oaks field. New pilots are offered help in learning how to set up a plane, winch launch techniques and flying a thermal duration type sailplane.

If you are interested in Electric Launched Sailplanes we have someone who can help you with the selection of power systems and planes for your level of expertise.

The ORF's usually show up on Wednesdays between 10:00 o’clock and 11:00 o’clock and fly until about 3:00 o’clock (or longer). At 5:30 PM a group of working fellows show up to enjoy the early evening air.

If you can not make the Wednesday flying sessions, you can contact one of the officers to see if there is any flying going on during the weekend (usually is) and if a trainer is available to help you get started.

Support of Charities:

The club is involved in:

  • The "Toys for Tots" campaign that we donate to as a club from our treasury plus the total proceeds of our yearly major DLG contest.

  • The club members also participate in the Skymasters Christmas activity at the Ultimate Soccer Arena where a fund raiser is held each year for a local charitiable organization (the organization varies from year to year.

  Outdoor Activities:

·            Club Contests:

Club Contests are held the first Sunday of the month depending upon weather and is a great venue to improve one’s flying skill, bond with fellow pilots and have fun. The club contests are low key but still competitive for those that need that sort of thing,  
We hold WLS (Winch Launched Sailplanes) combined with ALES (Altitude Limited Electric Sailplanes), DLG contest and now a new format contest called TALES. TALES is exciting and fun and information can be seen at TALES EVENT RULES and you can see the contest schedule HERE.


    • On WLS/ALES contest days,  planes will compete using these GUIDELINES.

    • We encourage beginning pilots to participate in these contests as it the best way to improve skills quickly and the accomplished pilots will be there to help the beginner along.

    • Although these are "Club Contests", we allow anyone to fly in them if they are AMA members and have approval to fly by the CD for that day but their score will not be included in the club standing calculations.

    • We have a yearly club championship that is determined by rules shown on Club Contest Standings Calculation

Indoor Activities:

  • The club flys at the "ULTIMATE SOCCER ARENA" on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Field Location:

The field is located in the Addison Oaks County park on 32 Mile Rd. about 3 miles west of Rochester Road.

Once inside the park you must have a park pass and you get one at the booth at the normal park entrance (right turn just inside the entrance off of 32 MileRd). Once you get a pass ask for directions to the flying field.

If you have a pass, continue straight after exiting 32 Mile Rd. and go past the first stop sign and little Sheriff's station to the Convention Center- go through the parking lot to the fence and gate at the end of the parking lot and enter the restricted area. Turn right just past the gate and follow that road back to the field- once there follow the path to where people are parked. If the winches and people are flying, wait at the bottom of the hill for a signal to go into the parking area. (See map to the field link below)

All this is less complicated than it sounds, just keep an eye out for flyers and planes and use common sense.

Winter Indoor Flying Locations:

This year we are flying indoors at the “Ultimate Soccer Arena” just north of the corner of Opdyke and South Blvd.

The site is just fabulous for this activity and planes under 20 Oz. are welcome as well as 450 size or smaller helicopters.

The following links bring you to general information pages:

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