Click here for map to the Park then follow the directions below:,-83.1725672,14.79z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8824ede52b0b3d7f:0x5a03920be0203c73!8m2!3d42.8025656!4d-83.1625893?hl=en

The field is located in the Addison Oaks County park on 32 Mile Rd. about 3 miles west of Rochester Road.

Once inside the park you must have a park pass and you get one at the booth at the normal park entrance (right turn just inside the entrance off of 32 MileRd). Once you get a pass ask for directions to the flying field.

If you have a pass, continue straight after exiting 32 Mile Rd. and go past the first stop sign and little Sherriff's station to the Convention Center- go through the parking lot to the fence and gate at the end of the parking lot and enter the restricted area. Turn right just past the gate and follow that road back to the field- once there follow the path to where people are parked. If the winches and prople are flying, wait at the bottom of the hill for a signal to go into the parking area.

All this is more complicated than it sounds, just keep an eye out for flyers and planes and use common sense.