---- HISTORY PAGE ----

I decided to start building a "History" page for the club because during these long cold winter nights while lamenting on things I would like to do but just don't have the energy, it occurred to me that I just may be "getting older". It then occurred to me that a lot of us are "getting older" and some of the "new young whipper-snappers" may like to see where they came from.

Also, every once in awhile, I wax a little nostalgic (pun intended) and enjoy seeing things about history; be it WWII, heavy iron, stick and tissue models and a thousand other things. I get all choked up watching WWII on the History Channel and totally amazed watching documentaries on how simple things were 50 or so years ago and the great feats our forefathers accomplished with so little technology. They did understand a lot of basic engineering, physics and math but did not have the neat stuff to apply it that we do today so things we think are simple today took a lot of innovation back then.

Ray DiNoble sent me a photo to look at and that was the final trigger for this page, it just had to be shared with the club members, especially the ORF's who can still remember.


 1982 and some of the guys you may or may not know. Ray DiNoble launching - Is that Hutch timing? - and it has to be Pat Flinn on the winch. I think the two youngsters in the background are Chris Corven and Troy Lawicki. Some of the iron in the background would be Barrett-Jackson contenders today.

Ray of course is in Las Vegas now and Pat Flinn's passion today is tandem biking. Jeff showed up a year or so ago to get rid of some of his old stuff and is no longer in the game.  Chris is not playing with us any longer either as life has taken him in another direction.

Snow Bird Hutch- who knows?


 Jerry Merlik I believe with one of the original Astro-Jeff models he designed and built. It is still a great Nostalgia plane.

How would you like to have that Vette today??? I know I would



John Hoover and Sharon Smith (Smitty) with a Sagitta XL. These two were like brothers and always flew together. Both helped to teach me how to fly sailplanes and we all belonged to the Davison Hilltoppers Club.



Art Slagle (left), the one and only, and one of our early members. Art was more passionate about sailplanes than anyone I know. I have no idea who the others in the photo are but it looks like one of the Sno-Fly's to me.

   Art Slagle, Jack Iafret and Wilbert Hutchings at one of our Sno-Fly's at the Toledo Weak Signals field old club house.

 Tom Laclave (aka--- Tree Top Tom) in one of his earlier persuits. Good thing is this model is hard to put on the top of a tree.

Tom also flew (and I think Built) a full size sailplane so he is a man of many talents all aimed at having fun.

 Way to go Tom, love it!!!!



Early winch days (no retriever) and the days when men-were-men and no weather would keep you from flying. Art Slagle on the sticks, I think Ray DiNoble timing and not sure who is the winch master.

The background shows it is the 18 Road field before it became Yuppy Ville.



Ken Bates with the pipe, Jack Iafret holding the original Paragon at some contest, kind of looks like one of the early Lansing contests and we are under the famous plane eating tree (Ask Corven).

   Jack Iafret (I was not always fat) with friend David Sennebaum at a cross country event. Do not know the two on the left but love the short-shorts and beard look.